Colorist Showcase: Tammy

The best part of creating coloring pages is seeing all the creative ways that people color them in! 😍 I'm always amazed by the various color combos and techniques that people use, bringing my B+W art to life in ways I never could have imagined. I see a lot of these inspirational colorings on social media, especially on Instagram, my coloring group and visitor posts to my Facebook page. I thought it would be fun to start a new "Colorist Showcase" on my blog to share with you some of these beautifully colored pages, and also give you a insight into the colorists as well!

Introducing Tammy M

For this first Colorist Showcase, I'm delighted to show you how Tammy M. has colored in some of my pages! I'm especially drawn to Tammy's use of bright colors as well as her eye-catching color combos. 

Tammy was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, so read on to learn more about Tammy's approach to coloring! 

Tammy, how did you first discover my art?

I actually first saw your Happy Campers coloring book in a Michaels store. 

What are your favorite coloring supplies?

I started out with Crayola colored pencils but quickly switched to Crayola Super Tips markers. I have since branched out into Prismacolor or Copic alcohol markers, as well as Sakura gel pens. I especially love Sakura gelly rolls in glitter and metallic, and the Moonlights are fun to color with. I recently purchased a small pack of Sharpie Neons which I absolutely love! 

What's your favorite book (or books) of mine?

Obviously I love all your books! But the ones I have colored the most are: Groovy Owls, Power of Love, Live for Today, More Good Vibes, Sugar Skulls, Hippie Animals and I just got my copy of Delightful Animal Families.

How often do you color?

I try to color daily if I can but lately it's more like several times a week.

What do you enjoy most about coloring?

I love being able to create something colourful from your art. It can be a great distraction from daily life sometimes as well.

      Do you have any coloring tips to share?

      This is a tough one. I guess I would say to go with your instinct. Sometimes I'll see a color palette in my mind and then search through my books to find the perfect match. I've messed up a few pictures but sometimes you can save them if you take a step back and come back to them later. I've been known to grab a black marker to cover a mistake or two (like I did with the sun below). 

      Thank you so much Tammy for sharing your colored pages with us and for providing some insight into what coloring means to you! 😊

      Below you can see more of Tammy's colored pages from my books.

      Click on an image to view it larger: