My gallery of Composite Realism features art that combines two different styles: realism and abstraction, in a search for unity and harmony.

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About Thaneeya's Composite Realism

I am always seeking connections between things - between ideas, events, objects, histories, narratives, locations. By finding connections, differences are honored and celebrated amidst a spirit of harmony and unity. 

Composite Realism Alligator Art by Thaneeya

As both an abstract artist and a photorealist artist, I sought a way to combine these two disparate styles into one, and termed the result "Composite Realism". Most of my art that falls into this category depicts animals or nature, which represent the here and now.

Every piece of art ever made introduces a new version of reality, emanating from the artist's personal perspective. The version of reality I propose through these artworks is one in which substance and spirit supercede boundaries, connotations, and limitations, presenting a fertile world swimming in endless possibilities.

Ever since my late teens, my favorite artistic pursuits were thematically centered around concepts of spirituality, travel, cross-cultural identity, and an ongoing search for the meaning of existence. Since then, I have created a range of artworks that express this quest for unity and understanding. The images often involve animals, people, plants and/or other living beings painted or drawn in a representational manner. By combining such photorealistic elements with other stylized artforms, such as abstraction, I create a world in which the visible world peacefully intermingles with the invisible worlds swirling within.

One of the main series that arose includes my Deep Thinkers series of 6" x 6" colored pencil drawings, in which various animals are juxtaposed with evidence of human thought, in the form of mathematical equations, quotes, definitions, musical scores, etc. These pieces depict a zen-like transcendent bridge between conceptual thinking and animalistic consciousness.

The other main series is termed Synchronal Variety - acrylic paintings that combine decorative abstraction and meticulous photorealism in a contemporary wabi-sabi aesthetic.

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Prints and posters of my Composite Realism art are also available on paper, canvas or gallery-wrapped canvas in my Zazzle shop.

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