Whimsical Animals

My whimsical animals are fun, colorful and full of personality! 

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About Thaneeya's Whimsical Animals

I'm fascinated by the natural world, particularly the animal kingdom, with all its amazing variety of creatures large and small, cuddly and ferocious, furry and feathered. In a different lifetime perhaps I could have been a veterinarian or worked in a wildlife sanctuary, but since art is my calling, I'm content to draw them as often as I can. The animal world provides endless inspiration, with such a mind-boggling number of creatures to learn about, such as quokkas, jerboas, axolotls and so much more. (I haven't drawn any of those yet, but I will!) 

Orangutan Coloring Page Close-Up from Hippie Animals Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Each animal drawing is an opportunity to discover new creatures and learn about their habits and habitats. Instead of depict them as "regular" animals though, I draw them with whimsical twists by adorning them with clothes or accessories or simply decorating their skin or fur with colorful details and designs. I like to give them a quirky personality that makes you wonder about their life stories! 

Dragonfly with Media by Thaneeya McArdle

My whimsical animals start out as pencil sketches. I typically refrain from using one photographic source as inspiration and instead look at a variety of photographs so I can study each type of animal from different angles, with different lighting, etc.

As I sketch, I look for ways to bring each animal to life through whimsical details such as heart-shaped sunglasses, retro outfits, and patterned designs. The animal takes shape as I add color, either digitally or using materials such as Copic Sketch markers and Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. I also love using fluorescent or glitter gel pens to add some extra pizazz! Sometimes I seek a more "realistic" look, using colored pencils to create the texture of fur or feathers, and other times I prefer solid blocks of color for a more "pop art" look. 

The majority of my whimsical animals are available in coloring books, so you can unleash your creativity and color them too!

Whimsical Animal Coloring Books 

So far I've created 4 coloring books devoted to animals! The art in each of these books is unique, so you won't find any repeated images among them.

Hippie Animals is my newest animal coloring book, full of peace-loving, guitar-strumming, tie-dye wearing animals of all stripes and feathers. Groovy Owls is dedicated completely to owls, including owls that are completely imaginary as well as drawings based on real-life owl species such as the Eastern Screech Owl, Saw-Whet Owl and Crested Owls. My Dapper Animals are dressed to the nines in all styles of clothing, from a suave fox to a party-loving guinea pig. Groovy Animals was my first-ever collection of colorable animal drawings, and includes 20 images of animals filled with whimsical patterns available as a PDF download that you can print at home and color. 

My Groovy Animals Coloring Pages are available as a downloadable PDF (that you can print from home) via my other website, Art is Fun.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Whimsical Animal Jewelry

These delightful charms feature some of my most popular animals. They're double-sided and embedded with a sparkly glitter that comes across as specks in the photos but looks amazing in person! You can wear these charms as necklaces or bracelets, or attach them to a key ring or use them as a zipper pull. So many possibilities!

Available for purchase at online Solid Oak: https://solidoakinc.com/collections/thaneeya

Animal Jewelry by Thaneeya McArdle