Sneak peek: New coloring pages

It's official: I'm creating art for 2 new coloring books that will be out later this year!! 😃

One of the books is called Think Happy! and it will be a big compilation featuring 3x more coloring pages than my usual books. Although most of the pages will be pulled from my existing books (kind of like a "best of"), I've spent the past few weeks creating a dozen new coloring pages to include the book, to add some fresh designs to the collection.

If you're familiar with my coloring calendars you may recognize some of the new images. My coloring calendar images are so small (approximately 8cm x 9.5cm or 3.25" x 3.75") that I was eager to recreate them at a larger size so that I could add more fun details. Below is an example of a narwhal coloring page that appeared in my 2017 coloring calendar alongside the new version that will be included in my coloring book later this year. As you can see I kept the outline and the general layout of the details but added so much more! This is actually one of my favorite new pages in the book and I can't wait to color it in! 😁

Here's another one I can't wait to color: a hedgehog chillin' on a mushroom! A much smaller version of this hedgehog appears in my 2018 coloring calendar, minus the mushroom.

This hummingbird will also appear in my new book:

Here's one more sneak peek at the new art I've created for my upcoming coloring book - an elephant carrying an umbrella, inspired by the art of India:

My Think Happy! Coloring Book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of September 2018. 

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Thanks for reading & I'll see you again soon!