Power of Love
Coloring Book

My Power of Love Coloring Book contains 32 whimsical coloring pages that celebrate love, unity, togetherness and acceptance. Inside you'll find empowering phrases, delightful animals, groovy hearts and a fun assortment of other images that illustrate the "power of love"!

Plus, this book also contains 7 pages of tutorials that cover shading, blending, patterning techniques, color theory & color combinations as well as 9 full-page colored examples (10 if you include the cover).

Check out some sample pages from this book below. To see more, scroll down to see a video flip-through that shows you every page in my Power of Love Coloring Book!

Video Flip-Through

Check out this flip-through of the entire book, so you know what you're getting!

Where to Buy

You can find my Power of Love Coloring Book online via the buttons below. If you're located outside the United States and can't find my book locally, I highly recommend Book Depository, which offers free delivery worldwide.