Live for Today
Coloring Book

My Live for Today Coloring Book features 32 delightfully detailed images designed around positive, uplifting words and phrases.

This book also contains 10 colored examples (including the cover) to demonstrate the potential in these images. The colored pages include insets to highlight various coloring techniques.

In addition to the examples below, scroll down to see a video slideshow of the entire book!

Video Slideshow

This slideshow allows you to preview every coloring page in the book before you buy! In addition to the coloring pages shown in this video, this book also contains 7 bonus pages featuring full-color tutorials to demonstrate blending, shading, patterning, and color theory.

Where to Buy

You can find Live for Today in brick and mortar stores (like Barnes & Noble and Michaels) or online via the links below. If you're not in the United States and can't find the book locally, you can get free worldwide shipping with Book Depository.

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