Good Vibes
Coloring Book

My Good Vibes Coloring Book contains 30 pages of fun, detailed designs, each based upon an inspiring quote.

Check out some colored examples below, and scroll down to the video to see a slideshow of the entire book!

Video Slideshow

This slideshow features every single page of my Good Vibes Coloring Book.

Where to Buy

You can find my coloring books in a range of book stores and art supply stores, as well as online via the buttons below. If you're not in the United States and can't get my book locally, you can use Book Depository, which offers free delivery worldwide.

If you prefer to buy locally instead of online, each of these stores has carried or is currently carrying my books: Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, Michaels, JoAnn, Target, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Wal Mart, and Sam's Club. 

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