Learn how to Draw Groovy in my book, published by F+W Media! Below you can see the art that I created for this book.

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About Draw Groovy

Draw Groovy is a 64-page art instruction book filled with easy step-by-step drawing lessons that show you how to draw the cute, whimsical images shown above. You'll learn how to draw owls, cats, birds, butterflies, flowers, mandalas, paisley, abstract designs, toadstool houses and more!

One of the best things about the lessons in Draw Groovy is that you can draw the images over and over again using different colors and patterns, so that the images look different each time! In addition to the step-by-step lessons, the book also includes examples of different ways to decorate each image, just like you see in the slideshow above. This sparks your creativity, encouraging you to try new things and express yourself through pattern, shape and color!

Draw Groovy is part of a book series intended for kids, but teens and adults might enjoy it too. If the art in the slideshow above appeals to you, then you might enjoy the lessons in my book!

For a sneak peek at the lessons in Draw Groovy, check out these fun lessons on Art-is-Fun.com, where you'll learn How to Draw an Owl (like the one on the left), and How to Draw Paisley (like those below).

Where to Purchase

Draw Groovy is published by IMPACT, an imprint of F+W Media. The book is available on the following websites:

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