Delightful Animal Families Coloring Book

My Delightful Animal Families Coloring Book is a joyous celebration of family and friendship! This book features 40 whimsical illustrations of happy critter camaraderie. You'll find animals such as Chihuahuas, donkeys, meerkats, hippos, as well as BFFs from different animal species!

Plus, this book contains 7 pages of tutorials that demonstrate coloring techniques like blending, shading, patterning, color theory, and more. Also included are 10 full-sized colored examples (including the cover), some colored by me and others colored by talented coloristas. 

Below you can see some sample pages from Delightful Animal Families. To see more, scroll down to see a video flip-through that shows you every page in this coloring book! You can also see some examples of how other people have colored in these pages.

Video Flip-Through

Check out this video flip-through to preview every coloring page in this book!

Where to Buy

You can find my Power of Love Coloring Book online via the buttons below. If you're located outside the United States and can't find my book locally, I highly recommend Book Depository, which offers free delivery worldwide.

Delightful Animal Families
Coloring Gallery

Here are some examples of how people have colored in these delightful animal families!

Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the artwork: