My colorful abstract art is full of delicious details, with shapes and patterns that cause your eyes to bounce around the artwork in a visual feast of color and fun!

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About Thaneeya's Abstract Art

My abstract art explores how color, pattern, composition and personal symbology can express the mystery and delight of our existence.

Abstract Art by Thaneeya

In my abstract paintings and drawings, I manifest the intangible elements of everyday existence - emotions, thoughts, energy - by translating them into colors and patterns. My abstract works are often highly detailed because of my desire to achieve balance through multiplicity, in order to reflect the complexity of human consciousness and our shared experience in the multiverse. The result is a whimsical concoction of color and form, interwoven into a lyrical, visual harmony.

Abstract art is an ideal way to express matters of the spirit (thoughts, emotions and concepts) that can't be easily verbalized. It transcends the boundaries of language, drawing viewers into an internalized space where they can experience the artwork in a personal, subjective way, extracting whatever meaning the artwork stirs up inside them. I generally don't assign any specific meaning to my abstract art because I prefer the viewer to interpret each piece in his or her own unique way. For me, the colors and chaos paradoxically induce a quiet mental stillness as I allow my eyes and mind to travel across the many details without assigning meaning to what I'm seeing. I just let the art take me for a ride.

Colorful Abstract Painting by Thaneeya

My style of abstract art can be described as "orderly chaos" - which happens to be the title of one of my favorite abstracts that I created, in 2006.

I first started making with abstract art in 2003, experimenting with a variety of tools and surfaces, as well as various methods of mark-making. It wasn't long before my personal style naturally emerged, with an innate tendency towards bright, eye-popping colors and intricate, highly-detailed designs. I was (and still am) particularly influenced and inspired by folk art from cultures around the world, such as Persian miniatures, Mexican huichol and alebrije, Aboriginal dot painting, and more. My modern art influences include Hundertwasser, Klee and Kandinsky.

My abstract paintings have ranged in size from a tiny 3" x 3" to relatively large 30" x 40". Most pieces are somewhere in between, at 6" x 6", 8" x 10" or 18" x 24". I've come to enjoy creating abstract art on a small scale - cramming as much visual information as possible into a relatively limited space while respecting the overall cadence and flow of each piece. When working on canvas, I often extend the painting onto the sides (as you can see in the 2 examples above and right), creating a 3-D work of abstract art.

I create colorful abstract art using acrylics, colored pencils, watercolors, watercolor pencils, markers, pens and mixed media, as well as art-making apps on my iPad such as Adobe Ideas and Procreate.

My abstract art can be an eye-catching and uplifting companion in your everyday life, thanks to the variety of products that feature my whimsical abstracts. You can find smartphone cases, clothing, bags, accessories, posters and more at my shop on Zazzle.

If you think my art would look great on your products, please contact my licensing agents with your proposal. 

Abstract Coloring Pages

If you like my abstract art, you'll love coloring in my detailed designs! Add your own personal flair to my intricate line art by choosing your own colors and media to bring the black and white drawings to life. It's like a fun collaboration between you and me!

I currently have 3 abstract coloring books available for download:

My coloring pages are available as downloadable ebooks that you can print and color as often as you like (for personal, non-commercial use only). This means you can color each page multiple times, and experiment with different media and color combinations, without worrying about getting the pages "right" on your first try!

Here's an example of a half-colored page from my book of Abstract Coloring Pages, colored with Sakura Gel Pens:

You can view my full range of printable coloring pages here.

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

You might also enjoy my Groovy Abstract Coloring Book, which contains 30 detailed designs for you to lose yourself in!