Color Cool
Coloring Book

My Color Cool Coloring Book is a convenient, compact size designed to be slipped into your purse and used anywhere! It's filled with 28 selected coloring pages from my previous books.

Note: Because this book is part of the portable "On-the-Go" series, it's smaller than my regular coloring books.

Color Cool Portable Coloring Book by Thaneeya

Check out some colored examples and sample pages below, and scroll down to the video to see a slideshow of the entire book!

Video Slideshow

This slideshow allows you to preview every page of my Color Cool Coloring Book.

Where to Buy

You can find my Color Cool Coloring Book in various brick and mortar stores (like Books-A-Million) and online via the links below.

If you're not in the United States, you can use Book Depository, which offers free worldwide delivery.

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