My whimsical art is inspired by all things fun, cute and colorful! From fairies to aliens, and romantic fish to cosmic cats, my whimsical art encompasses a whole range of odd and delightful creatures.

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About Thaneeya's Whimsical Art

My whimsical art is a playful glimpse into my over-active imagination. These creatures are both endearing yet enigmatic, adorable yet odd, criss-crossing the threshold between fantasy and reality. 

Colorful Cat Drawing by Thaneeya

Many of my whimsical creatures contain a quiet serenity, contemplative in their own odd ways. Restrained, still, meditative. They often bear a telling gaze, as if they know something we don't. Their eyes are wide and their lips are sealed.

I create whimsical art using a variety of media: acrylics, colored pencils, graphite, watercolor, ink, markers and digital processes.

You can add a touch of whimsy to your everyday life with my smartphone cases, laptop sleeves, bags, mugs, stickers and more. See all of my whimsical art products here.

Prints and posters of select pieces from my whimsical art collection are also available on paper, canvas or gallery-wrapped canvas in my Zazzle shop.

If you think my art would look great on your products, please contact my licensing agents with your proposal. 

Draw Groovy

If you like my whimsical art, you might like my book: Draw Groovy! Learn how to draw your own cute colorful creatures in my 64-page book full of easy step-by-step drawing lessons.

Whimsical Owls

I also create a lot of colorful owls, so I created a separate gallery for them. Click here to see my whimsical owls!