Traveling Artist

Last year, my husband and I decided it was time to live out our dream of exploring the world! We gave most of our stuff to Goodwill, put the rest in storage, and embarked on a nomadic journey that has so far taken us to San Francisco, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. After that, who knows?! We’ve pared down all of our day-to-day material belongings to fit into 2 checked bags and 2 carry-ons, and we’re loving it! The photo below shows all the art supplies that I brought with me on our journey:

Thaneeya's art supplies while traveling

Thanks to the Internet, we can still conduct business as usual, and I can still make plenty of art as well as write/illustrate books - for example, I just finished my 2nd book for F+W Media!

If you’re interested in hearing more, I wrote a short blog post about our traveling lifestyle (from an art-making perspective) on The Art Colony:

You can also see some of my travel photos on my Instagram account.