One popular skull

At the time of creating my first psychedelic abstract skull drawing, I never realized the life it would take long after it was finished. Rejoicing Quietus prevails as my most popular image to date, selling plenty in the form of T-shirts and prints. One place where you can acquire Rejoicing Quietus merch is via Zazzle:

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I've also received numerous emails from people asking permission to have the skull tattooed. It's a great honor that people would consider carrying one of my images on their body for the rest of their lives! Here is a photo sent to me from one young lady who recently had it done on her back:
Rejoicing Quietus tattoo
Unfortunately, there is a downside to the popularity of Rejoicing Quietus. I also receive emails from people informing me that the image is being used illegally (without my permission) - such as being sold on jewelry, or as iron-on transfers, or even being used to advertise mortuaries! Sometimes the perpetrators don't understand the concept of copyright, or "didn't know" that the image was copyrighted, but that certainly doesn't make it okay. Copyright infringement is a federal offense, even if the infringer didn't realize they were infringing, which is clearly explained in the United States Code of Laws. I greatly appreciate it when people take the time to seek me out and let me know if the image is being wrongly used. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time and care to get in touch with me about potential infringements, and please continue to do so if you suspect the image is being used illegally!