Front page of Etsy

On the evening of October 5, I happened to check how many people had hearted my etsy shop.  (I do this sometimes, out of curiosity, and because it makes me feel loved.)  I noticed that a huge amount of people had just hearted my shop that day - many more than usual for an average day.  So I immediately checked the front page et voila -

Thaneeya made the front page of Etsy

There was my Rejoicing Quietus 2 print, front and center.  How cool!  I'm not sure how long it was on the front page, because it was getting late here in GMT so I went to bed.  When I woke in the morning, I found that my shop had gained 100+ new hearts, the print now had 102 hearts, and had gained well over 1200+ views... all as a result of being on the front page.  The activity continued with equal measure into October 6, so I wonder if it stayed on the front page for awhile.

It just goes to show how much publicity a shop can get by being featured on the front page.  To my knowledge, I'd been featured on the front page one other time - that time it was my Primeval Plexus painting, which promptly sold.

The front page of Etsy is selected by Etsy admin, from a pool of Treasuries created by Etsy users.  The Treasury is a great feature as it allows Etsians to showcase their favorite items from the site.  Usually the Treasury maker will select items based on some kind of theme, usually containing items with similar color schemes or subject matter.  Sometimes the treasuries are really beautifully curated.  But they only last 2 days, and they are extremely hard to get.  They only allow a certain number of treasuries at a time, so to get one you have to be poised and ready to snatch up the opportunity as soon as one expires.  I tried a few times, ages ago in the early days of Etsy, to get a treasury, but even then I couldn't snag one.  I don't even bother trying now because the number of Etsy users has grown phenomenally since then.

Anyway, I want to say many thanks to fussjewelry for including me in this treasury that made the front page!  Check out her jewelry shop - she makes some really beautiful, carefully crafted pieces.  Very nice stuff!